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What is ITILITE doing for your essential business travel?

We at ITILITE would like to personally advise all travelers to remain at home, and avoid all business travel unless it is absolutely essential. At this time, there is nothing more important to us than the health and wellbeing of you, and your familiy.

However, if you do have essential travel planned, then we assure you that we are right here at every step of the way. ITILITE takes your safety very seriously, and we are working to ensure you are taken care of while you are away from home.

COVID-19 Safe Hotel Inventory

In your search results, now you will see a ‘Safe ++’ tag for the hotels that are adhering to the highest standards of hygiene safety.

We have reached out to our hotel partners with a checklist based on the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’ guidelines, and continuously updating our hotel inventory based on their practices. These points include whether the staff are collecting detailed information about a visitor’s travel history, if there is the availability of Personal Protective Equipment for those who clean your rooms, enforced training and guidelines for all guests in terms of personal hygiene, and more.The complete list can be found on the ministry website here.

Only those hotels that achieve a 90% or higher rating on this list will be tagged as “Safe ++” properties for your travel. You will find this tag clearly marked on every hotel that fits the bill throughout your booking process. Look out for this tag and choose those properties certified as Safe ++ to ensure that you are in good hands when away from home.

This list will be updated based on periodic check-ins with the property and on traveler feedback on a real-time basis. If you should require more information, you can connect with your customer support team to address all your queries.

Travel to risk prone area warning

As you book your trip on our platform, we are aware of your trip destination. We map that destination data with data from sources like the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and will inform you, on the trip confirmation page on if you are headed to an area that has more than a 100 reported cases of COVID-19, so that you are aware of the potential risks of your trip.

COVID-19 Travel Knowledge Base

We are also keeping an eye on the latest updates and regulations, which are available to you on the “COVID-19” section on the ITILITE platform and website. Please ensure that you are aware of the latest updates for your destination, and recent safety precautions before travel. In case of any last minute or unforeseen concerns, our teams will be available for assistance at any time.

COVID-19 Travel Helpdesk

As a valued traveler with us, you are already aware of our dedicated customer success team. Each of our team members is working around the clock to make sure that any requirement can be addressed, to enable you to have a stress-free experience. In case you would have any queries while booking or while traveling, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case you, anyone one in your team and network is stuck in a city due to COVID-19 and needs help, reach out to our 24/7 dedicated helpdesk at or at +91 95130 71160.


Covid-19 Hotel Guidelines